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Accelerator Pedal Modification

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A threaded M5 does not have much strength to resist lateral bending forces from your foot on the edge of the pedal. Once you find the height you like, I'd strongly suggest you add a spacer that spans the width of the pedal arm pad to keep that load off the fastener.

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I think it’s fine as it is. There’s virtually no resistance on the accelerator pedal so the bending forces are very very small.

I was originally planning to fabricate a wider spacer but after the test fitting didn’t feel the need. 

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That was my issue really. The accelerator being lower meant I was trying to twist my foot to an awkward angle, my knee was against the steering wheel and so on.

I'm not sure on total width, but mounting it centrally like I have brings the edge of the pedal about 8mm closer to the brake than the original pedal. Combined with the accelerator height now being level with the brake, it means my foot doesn't have to twist much at all to give a decent blip. 

If you did decide you wanted to bring it even closer, you could mount it using the right hand set of holes in the pedal rather than the central holes. If you were doing that then I'd use a wider spacer to support the pedal a bit more to the left.

Just following up on snowrx's comment above, the M5 fixing is not seeing much force. The M6 spacer nuts are free to move, and the pedal is clamped tight to them and the mounting pad. Therefore the force is still being transferred through the spacers to the moving arm. It's not bending the M5 screw. The accelerator pedal needs about 1 - 1.5kg of force to move. The fixing arrangement I've used would take many times that, and the lack of support on the left side of the pedal just means that the new pedal would physically distort before the fixing method failed. As you can imagine that needs far more force than you'd ever apply to the accelerator. 

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