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V6 350 Stock Cat Cells

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2 hours ago, royz_garage said:


Sounds good. Its not that I dont want this or that, just trying to understand whats what and I like to understand my car.


appreciated that a professional takes time to share real info on a forum👌🏻👊

my logic was that when placing a new intake your text is true as you indeed have better ingoing airflow, but when removing something that blocks flow like a cat it releases the potential of more airflow through the pipe, but as the engine doesnt know that it is not there anymore, it will spit out exactly the same and you dont benefit from it, but you loose the potential engine damaging oem cats(which a remap could fix.)

so for instance one could just take the oem manifolds, weld in a pipe instead of the cat and back on the road for 200 euro’s and than you didn’t get more power, but also lost the risk of damaging the cats/engine

to avoid a cell some sell these lambda blockers which make the ecu think there still is a cat. 

I owned 2 Ariel atoms supercharged and decatted both, which is factory supported and actually gained a little top end power and on one it lost a little low end, other one didn’t. 

dont get me wrong here, I’ll probably drive stock and than opt for 475 komotec kit or sell the car, but I know a lot of guys just want to get rid of the manifolds only and dont want to pay for sportcats, y-pipes, remaps etc.


Komotec kit works well and is a total solution with Remap, Airbox and Exhaust. However I would suggest the KT exhaust system is probably not the best system to have.

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Have you seen the system ?

The Y Pipe presumably in order to fit around the car looks like a sledge hammer has been used to flatten part of it down.

The Headers/Manifolds and Cat are fine 

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Ahhh i know which picture you are talking about and I think you are wrong and this have already been discussed here. This installation has not been made by Komo-Tec and they never have to hammer it in order to install it 

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No I’m quite correct actually!

It does look like it has been flattened down and no explanation why.

No exhaust manufacturer would deliberately put that restriction on purpose on a pipe unless it was  Poor engineering possibly?

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1 hour ago, Exx said:

Yes this is this picture and i remember this is not KT who did that to the y pipes as i said

It certainly is a Komotec Y pipe and part of their kit.

Its my picture ! and is identical to their website photos. 

However whether it has any effect on the performance by being flattened is debatable, but I do not think it is a great design and seems to be a compromise because somebody could not be Arsed to design it correctly 

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