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Preparing for the imminent arrival.


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Obviously it's the Evora, not child number 3 🤣. For those who are interested it's the IPS EVORA S at Lotus Silverstone

A few questions on how people are dealing with circumstances like below.

1. My driveway is not flat, probably a 7degree slope. I normally reverese into the drive and I vaguely remember reading somewhere that the Evoras shouldn't be left on a inclined slopes for longer periods. Is this the case or shouldn't matter. 

2. I don't intend to use the car as a daily. Probably once/twice a week. Does the car need to be trickle charged to keep it going if the car is being driven occasionally, if so has anyone found a trickle charger that has really long leads (atleast 10 metres). I don't have a power supply to the drive. 🥺

3. Best outdoor car cover for the upcoming winter? 

4. Number plate opinions a) EV04 RRR b) EV03 RAW c) EV10 RAW

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Congratulations. Im sure you will enjoy it.

1) I think it is a question of water entering the boot, I think it was if parked back lower than front, but I am sure someone else will confirm as never an issue for me (garaged)

2) As long as the battery is decent it takes/took 2 or 3 weeks for either of My Evoras to discharge to a point you cant start it. So more about longevity of battery, so the same as any other car.

3) sorry, no help, see 1

4) Don't do it they are poncy..... here's mine :hrhr: (c)



collection Day.jpg

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Blessed with the competence to be a slave to the incapable.

Currently without a Lotus, Evora 400 Hethel Edition in Racing Green with Red leather and 2010 Evora N/A in Laser Blue and 1983 Lotus Excel LC Narrow body in Ice Blue all sadly gone.

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1. Will be fine

2. will be fine without trickle charger. Even if you leave a WiFi OBD dongle connected.

3. If you have to have a cover - see Bibs comment above

4. Not sure either work massively well for me I am afraid. The “best” Evora plates are of course long gone.

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That Silverstone car is a good one - congrats! Make sure they’ve properly stuck the interior door pulls back on though when you take collection - when I saw the car they were off and lying round inside. They do have a tendency to come a bit loose over time.

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4. Get a plate that's personal to you, not the car, and you can keep it for life! 

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Hmm not sure I agree with the above. There are some truly woeful “personalised” numbers out there, particularly ones using the current numbering system. They usually mean nothing to anyone else and often just make your car look older than it is.

And please don’t get me started with the ones that start with BO55… 


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