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ECU choice - SCS Delta 900 or EMU Black ECU

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I'm looking to put on my Exige V6 350 Sport a new ECU to increase possibilities and security. Especially add sensors (MAF, air temperature, ...)


I see there are 2 competitors :

- SCS Delta 900T6 :

- EMU EcuMaster Black ECU :


What are main differences between them ?

And what is your experience of them ? Happy ? Advices ?


Thank you for your help ;)

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There are some old threads on this topic, but technically I would highlight two differences: SCS Delta can control all four camshafts, ECU Master does only control the intake side. ECU Master has built in flex fuel capability, SCS Delta doesn't. It looks like several Lotus tuners work with ECU Master, but on the other hand SCS Delta seems to make a more thorough adaption for the Lotus vehicles.

For a non charge air cooled engine, any chance to run on E85 is worth more than all other features, otherwise controlling all four camshafts will add power in part of the rev range.

I think that is a summary of the essentials. 

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I have the ScS Delta and it’s superb. Don’t have any experience of the ECUM however I have heard some people have had issues with them. 

The SCSD is purposely designed for the Exige S3 so everything just works like stock. 

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Thank you W31SSN, I saw your topic, very nice upgrade and car !

Can you tell me more about the process with CSC to put their ECU on my car ? You add the Traction Control too ? What is your version of the Delta on your car ?

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