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Clutch squeaking

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I’ve noticed a squeaking when I depress the clutch pedal, it’s audible inside the car and also at the rear of the car (with the engine off).

Obviously can’t hear it when driving due to road, wind, and engine noise!

It’s quite noticeable - is it something that is easily fixed?   Clutch is operating absolutely fine, pedal springs back totally fine when releasing it etc.   Lubrication issue with master and/or slave clutch cylinder maybe?

Car is a Launch Edition, 32k miles.

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Mine squeaks too. Pretty sure it's the clutch release fork pivot, which isn't easily accessible from outside. AFAIK, there isn't an access hole or cover that you can use to get into the flywheel housing area to lube the pivot/fork, so it'll have to get resolved during clutch change time. 

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Thread resurrection!

Whilst looking at something else in my car this evening, I noticed I have an extremely squeaky clutch - presumably the slave cylinder. 

Other than very occasionally struggling to find 1st and 2nd (probably user error) the clutch seems fine, so hopefully not a big issue.

Is this definitely not capable of lubrication? There is an Elise video on YouTube which seems to suggest that on the Elise it is reachable, albeit fiddly.  


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Lubricating the slave cylinder push rod should be achievable either from above or below, but I'm fairly certain the squeaking is originating from the fork pivot, which is in the bellhousing. 

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Can't you get oil to it with one of those 'dukka,dukka' oil cans with a bendy schnozzle?

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