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Top Wishbone " dished washers "

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Manual is a bit vague on these - I think I need 2 off per wishbone , with the other 2 off being plain . 

SJ don't do them - do they a) need to be dished and b) if so , any sources ??


I must say the RD Enterprises sheets are a bit more comprehensive than the workshop manual . 



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Not sure - the inner side of the bushes has the rubber outside of the metal edge of the bush . 

I have one dished washer and that doesn't clamp anything ...

If they are essential , surely they must be available somewhere ? 




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There are very unique washers in the wishbone assembly, some overly thick and with a saw-tooth facing, others thick and dished. Take a look at the attached photo showing my OEM bits. I'd want to stick with the factory solution here.


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Dr Doom - than you for the pics . I've been studying SOUP's videos on youtube to look at the wishbone pics and they seem quite different washers .. 

Do you have a washer on both sides of the inner sides of the wishbones ?

Minor points but I do want to get this right .


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My initial search of the garage ( now in a state just uncomfortably beyond peak chaos ) turned up the wishbones readily enough, not so the pivot studs/washers assemblies. I'll attach a link to RD Enterprises most helpful website where one may view parts manual information. By count it does appear that there are 1 each of the chunky 40mm and 25mm washer each side, as I read the page, and it's to be the smaller one for the forward side of each wishbone. Hope this helps.


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Hi, are you looking for the dished ones or the 40/25mm diameter washers?

I think I have a bag of these that I've bought years ago for my restoration, I can take a look once I know what are you looking for


PS found the source of the parts where you can buy new if you are still looking. 


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I've checked now and it seems the following are required 

For each side - 1 off 25mm washer with a serrated side ( or both ? ) and 1 off 40mm washer . Then 2 off the dished washers - the manual suggests 8 off total ( i.e. 4 per side ) but the drawing shows 2 off each side .... these fit on the outside of the wishbones - between the bolt head on one end and the nut on the other . 

The rubber bush has a serration on one side as per the pic below 

The 25mm and 40mm washers are both fitted  towards the front of the car , no washer between the chassis and the bush at the rear . 

This seems exactly as Dr Doom's pic shows. 

I imagine  this is quite important to get correct to ensure the correct suspension geometry . 

Someone had fitted new polybushes to the wishbones ( which have been replaced now with the original spec rubber bushes ) so I basically only have 1 off dished washer and nothing else - so any source for the 25mm , 40mm and dished washers would be great . 


wishbone bush.jpg

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