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Cost to "sort" an unloved LE


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The gear cables you might want to change but changing a clutch when its not failed seems to be a waste of money to me, many have done decent milage so if its working i would be leaving it.

Id recommend some audio upgrades as the stock stuff is poor and wouldnt be too fussed about it having all three packs, sports pack is the only one id want, you can retro fit cruise control cheap and you would change the audio stuff anyway.


Happy hunting!

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I think most stuff has been covered already, but I’ll add that a 2010 LE with well adjusted original cables is still a pretty good shift. Never felt the need to spend any money to upgrade (and it was one of the main items on my list before purchase). 

Assume it was the same in other countries, but here the LE came with all the packs. There is leather literally EVERYWHERE - even in the foot wells and the door pockets. I’ve sat in a couple of cars without the leather pack (whatever it was called). Didn’t quite feel (or smell) the same. 

Best of luck with the test drives 👍🏼

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