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Advice needed on interior trim


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Dupont 'soft feel' paints were used on 340R. 

Getting bits of trim off in one piece or undamaged can be tricky. A few cars have had interiors completely changed to alternate colourways, so all is possible. If you want as original, finding a body shop that can paint it correctly could be a challenge but surely possible.

If you use the car, it will all get scuffed again so ask yourself, why bother.



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Could get fabric insert needs removing, I don't think you can paint the panel with bubbling paint with the blue insert in situ.

I would personally be worried about any restoration looking correct. The paint codes are known, I have them somewhere on file.


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My 340R is totally original, so I have no experience of restoration but have seen lots of cars over the years so I'm not talking from a lack of some knowledge. 

Maidstone Sports Cars may have some suggestions  - they have done Honda engine conversions and lots of other mods over the years. 

Bell and Colvill perhaps but they outsource paintwork I think. 

Max500 Guildford perhaps. I know Max quite well, I can ask. 

Allon White, though some trim work I have seen recently was not as good as I had expected. 



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