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Hurrah for Esprit Engineering


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I've just collected my beloved from Esprit Engineering in Salisbury - and I'm absolutely delighted with the work that Geoff has done.

I had asked him to split the gearbox and investigate a suspected missing tooth on 2nd gear. It turned out to be:


4 missing teeth. Oops.

Anyway. Whilst he was in there, he cleaned and inspected all the bearings, replaced the seals and O ring, fixed an oil leak, completely overhauled the translator and fitted a new clutch. He's cleaned the gearbox case until it gleams, and also replaced the boot floor fixings with brand new stainless steel ones.

And what a difference! The gear change feels like a rifle bolt, rather than the previous "rummaging in a rubber bag" feeling. And the clutch is - well, not light as a feather, but significantly better. Not a trace of judder, either.

For all of that, Geoff charged me

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Great to read about good service. These guys do have a good reputation. Perhaps now you know why.

Why not put your new gearbox to good use by joining us for NMEG hoon on the 26th August. Be good to see you again.


Wing Commander Dibble DFC<br /><br />
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I've just collected my beloved from Esprit Engineering in Salisbury - and I'm absolutely delighted with the work that Geoff has done.

Well Ben, I hope you're pleased with yourself, because of you I was without my car for two extra days as mine was there for a C service. Seriously though, I saw your car there when I dropped mine off, Geoff showed me the gear that came out and I could see all the good work that he had done from underneath. It looked like a top job and that was a great deal of work done for the money - when I saw it I wondered to myself how much it cost, imagining big numbers - that was a nice surprise :whistle:



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Hi Phil

Ah. Sorry about that. I saw your beautiful car when I took mine in - and thought about putting a note in the "Spotted" part of the Forum, but decided that might be a bit rude... :whistle:

The price was a nice surprise for me too. I had expected to pay at least

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ben are you coming to the factory in sept?? let me know as a few of us are going to go in a little convoy :book:

we will have to have a little get together soon just a little lunch and a drink say? we could always meet up in between or in monmouth for some lunch.

good that you got the gearbox sorted, so now its all clean under there you have to keep it that way.. i will be inspecting it!! :whistle:


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Geoff is a bit of a whizz when it comes to UN1 rebuilds, he does them for Sportomotive up the road.

he also sorted my clutch and hydraulics and they are so much better, more usable and make the car a pleasure to drive. (not that it wasn't but you know)

now I know why I couldn't get my car in for some work...

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In this instance, it was sheer clumsiness.

I fluffed a double de-clutch from 3rd to 2nd, and there was a nasty "GRRR" noise. After that, I couldn't engage 2nd without more nasty noises: the synchro didn't work at all. Funnily enough, a week or so later, it just sorted itself out, and the synchro worked perfectly again. Spooky.

So I consulted Geoff. His verdict was that I'd snapped a tooth off 2nd gear, and it had got stuck inside the synchro hub (hence the nasty noises when trying to engage). Then the tooth dropped out of the hub, and everything was fine - only with a few less driving surfaces.

Despite the magnets in the gearbox case, I was a bit worried that tooth debris would be wandering around the gearbox case, looking for trouble. So I decided to get it fixed. The clutch needed doing anyway, you see.

The moral of the story is that you should go easy with your gear changes. And if you lose a synchro for a while - but then get it back, you've probably lost a tooth. Even if you don't get it repaired immediately, I'd suggest you drain the gearbox oil, then maybe you can retrieve the big bits.


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That's the problem with double-declutching. I think it's best to just blip the throttle on the downshift. You're less likely to do damage that way. Works for dog boxes so should be enough for synchro boxes.

Chances of fluffing a double de-clutch are too high no matter how good a driver you are for no benefit to the gearbox.

S4 Elan, Elan +2S, Federal-spec, World Championship Edition S2 Esprit #42, S1 Elise, Excel SE


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