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Wiper spindle nut specs

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Hi all, I'm looking to repaint the black section of the front scuttle at the bottom of the windscreen on my '81 turbo. Trying to remove the wiper the securing nut is sized solid. It's the large 21mm (ish) nut. Anyone know the dimensions of this please before I grind it off as the parts diagram is non specific and struggling to find on SJ Sportscars site.

Many thanks, Steve. 

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The puller tool in this (and similar) videos is great.  It is corrosion on the tapered spline underneath, that is thwarting you.🥵

Of course, soak everything in penetrating oil (or Armor-All, NO JOKE)

Atwell Haines

'88 Esprit

Succasunna, NJ USA

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Although some nuts are available and  are 5/6 thread and 19mm across the flats, I think they're too small.

These ones look more like it.


Not so sure about these ( they don't state but suspect they're 5/8 ones) included for comparison**1***

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45 minutes ago, Steve4012 said:

I already have the splined cap released. It's the nut as described above that's the problem. I found an old thread by @Paul Coleman who had the same issue. Paul, any chance you still have the replacement nut details?

I'm not sure if your car is the same as my S1 but I used this I believe...

Probably best to check with Steve at SJ first. Although it does come up for the Turbo prior to 1988.

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Lotus Esprit [meaning] a 1:1 scale Airfix kit with a propensity to catch fire

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To confirm the 8 sided chrome nut in Paul's post above from SJ is correct for an '81 turbo. I may have taken a chance with one off Ebay but decided to freshen up the whole area with new screen tape and wiper blade from SJ and with a repainted wiper arm it all looks nice and refreshed now. Thanks for the input gents.

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