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Strange Speed & RPM Gauge Readings

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I was away for two weeks and when I tried to start my Evora there was not enough charge in the battery to start the car. This has happened before. As I had previously done, I called the NRMA and they connected a power bank and I was able to start the car again.

I took it for a drive to charge the battery and as I was driving I realized the speedometer was reading 120 kmh even when stopped, and the RPM shows 4,500 when the engine is at idle. And there are some other lights showing that weren't on before.

Has anyone experienced this before? Any ideas what's causing this or how to trouble shoot it?


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Probably to do with not enough charge in the battery. Build up some charge in the battery, switch off then back on again and hopefully it will be Ok. Is the battery in good condition or is it old and in need of replacement?

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Before giving you instructions on how to fix the problem, let me give you a brief explanation as to why a charging a completely flat battery or switching out the battery may have triggered issues with your instrument cluster. The thing is, switching out the battery or even jumpstarting a vehicle can cause an electrical spike inside of the vehicle, which basically can cause a speedometer to go berserk.

Did the battery go totally flat before the battery pack was connected? Don't quote me on this but some cars tend to do a ECU reset when batteries are replaced and throw all sort of warnings. Like above try to build up enough charge into the battery or replace it if the issue is terminal, wait for some time and then restart the car, hopefully it will reset it properly

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Thanks for your replies. According to the NRMA tech, the battery still had quite a bit of charge - just not enough to start the engine.

When starting the car and driving for the second time, the speedo and rpm gauges are now fine.

However, since doing the jump start there two warning lights appear on the dash that were not there before. I've tried to find what they mean with Google search but no joy - anyone know what these warning symbols mean?


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Airbag warning light, check engine light, not sure about the gear one without checking.

It probably just needs an OBD plugged in and a reset. A dealer should be able to do a reset for you or you can buy and OBD reader from Amazon.

May be worth running it by a dealer just in case though.

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Thanks for your info on what the symbols mean and about using an OBD reader/scanner. I was thinking to get this:

but I'm not sure if it will work with my Evora S. I checked the compatible cars list on their site but Lotus isn't listed. I've sent them a message, so we'll see if they respond.

Also, Fasteddie posted this in April 2016:

"I've got an OBD dongle with WiFi and dashCommand for the iPhone but it won't read my ABS fault code or reset the airbag light I've had on since the battery was replaced. What am I doing wrong? Do I need a different reader?"

Another user replied:

"On the Elise platform the ABS was controlled by a separate ABS ECU, that had to be talked to with the Lotus Tech2 tool. I would assume it's the same on the Evora. So your regular OBD2 connection isn't going to cut it."

Anyone have any experience with this?

If the OBD reader won't read or reset the airbag fault code do you think it's worthwhile getting one? It's only $39 so not too bad.

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When the battery is on the way out, all sorts of odd electrical things happen. For the sake of the price, replace the battery, it's not expensive. 

If the errors are erroneous, they'll clear themselves after 5 on/off cycles of the engine. If they're still there, then an OBD will tell you what the faults are and you can take it to the garage although of course they'll be able to check themselves. The airbag light won't though, that needs to be cleared on the Lotus Tech Centre as mentioned.

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40 minutes ago, b4ip said:

...and about using an OBD reader/scanner. I was thinking to get this:

Hello Lise,

Be aware that you will need a very specific OBD reader to clear the Airbag light. I doubt that $39 one would manage it.

The details of the OBD reader that you will need are in this thread here:


Personally, I bought one a few months ago and it has been a worthwhile investment. If you don't have that particular Autel ODB reader, clearing the light requires a visit to a Lotus Service centre (which costs me about £60 a time, not including the time that it takes to get there and back).

Unfortunately, I'm still trying to track down what the circular warning light means. My Evora manual doesn't have it listed. 

Edited to add: Found it. Your's must be an IPS car (which mine isn't). This is from the Service Manual:


"Transmission Malfunction Indicator (amber) (IPS versions only)

The transmission warning light is illuminated if a fault is detected within the transmission, an associated control component or if the transmission oil exceeds its recommended maximum temperature.

A bulb check will light the lamp for about 3 seconds following ignition switch on.

If the temperature of the transmission becomes too high the vehicle will default to a limited power mode and the Transmission Malfunction Indicator lamp will illuminate.

If a fault is detected within the transmission, an associated component or if transmission oil temperature continues to rise, then the Transmission Malfunction Indicator lamp will illuminate continuously. Reduce speed immediately and adopt a moderate driving style.

If a fault is detected within a transmission component which could affect the vehicles emissions, then the engine Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) will also illuminate continuously. Reduce speed immediately and adopt a moderate driving style. See page 55 of the main handbook for further information regarding the driving style that should be adopted if the MIL lamp is illuminated or flashing.

Even if the Transmission Malfunction Indicator lamp extinguishes, proceed with caution and seek dealer advice without delay and avoid all unnecessary journeys."

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I had a transmission error end of last year and it was slow changing gear etc. I came to the conclusion I had a duff trickle charger. The car started fine but would soon bring the error up and be stupid changing gear. After leaving my car on my big charger and bwfore replacing my trickle charger I haven't had any issues. Replace your battery or put it on a powerful charger for a few days and let it condition the battery.

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