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A year into a 2010 NA ownership...

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3 hours ago, AdeMorton said:

and I absolutely love this car! Have done just over 4000miles, but expect to do more this year, and the car has now done 45k miles. The only issues I've had over the past year were

1. lost the clutch pedal and after looking on the forum wrapped the clutch slave cylinder pipe as per a service bulletin and it seemed to have done the trick, its not happened again; and
2. the car suddenly went into limp mode, local garage diagnosed it to misfiring on cylinder 2, so replaced the spark plugs and all is now well

Other work done includes repairing the glovebox, fitting a new and larger steering wheel spacer, replacing the mudflap brackets for stainless steel ones, replacing the coolant temperature sensor, and a new engine bay flexible duct heat shield.

Just had the major C service done plus a few other minor bits (clutch sensor switch, ARB bushes, ball joint boots) at Lotus Silverstone and very happy with the work and experience. This plus 4 new Michelin tyres has meant a relatively expensive first year, but I bought the car at a good price (£24k) and planned to have the budget to cover a bit of expensive.

The gear shift is quite stiff and after talking to Lotus Silverstone its either £500 for replacement cables or £1800 for replacement MY12 cables... not sure its worth the latter and I may try lubricating them first as others have done on this forum. I've kinda got used to how it shifts though.... 🤔

Now I know this will be a keeper, contemplating some cosmetic changes in the Spring, i.e. red callipers and wing mirror covers.. and maybe some red stripes? Black wasn't my first choice colour but its really grown on me and I think a bit of red splashed here and there will also help...

Finally, a big thanks to this forum.. so much good advice and experience... its really helped through the year...

What a fantastic car!!!!!





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Good but I find red door mirrors and Union flag too much. Door mirrors rarely justify being highlighted.

Let us know what you do. Irrespective, it will still drive fabulously.


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