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Egress and ingress of 350 issues!

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Looking for some help here please - does anyone have, or know anyone who has fitted scissor doors to a pre 400 Evora? If so, please may we talk or at least will you give me comments on ease of entry/exit in a confined space, and in particular, the distance of the door opening horizontally before it swings vertically? Also the 'size' of the gap at the front of the sill when the door is fully up? I have had a spate of instances recently where people have parked close enough to me that it is difficult to get into the car and I am fed up driving around car parks looking for an 'outside' facing space!

There will be lots of negative comments on chav looks, weight and Chapman turning over in his grave, all of which I already accept in my quest to overcome the high sill issue in the earlier cars..🙂

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Plenty of Google hits and some videos.

Don't know if you are new to Lotus ownership but you start to develop a way to get in and out efficiently with practice.  I would give it about 6 months and re-think scissor doors.  Plenty of YouTube videos on how to get in and out of Evoras. 

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Thanks SJ - not exactly new, more frustrated!  The scissor doors are my least preferred option, but I want to see the detail to assure myself they are not really an option.

Scissor doors, contrary to some opinion are not just for looks. Lamborghini recognised the issue with wide doors in tight spaces and engineered scissor doors. Others followed with Koenisigegg making the ultimate solution. However to be successful, they must be designed as part of the car at the outset so that it is only necessary to horizontally open the door enough to clear the lock mechanism and let the counter balance raise the door vertically. This cannot be done with the Evora imo. As I see it, the door has to open horizontally to about the first indent before it can lift. If this is the case, it defeats the object as I can enter the car with the door on the first indent. Therefore I conclude that the conversion for the Evora is only for looks. But I would like to see/discuss before I throw the idea out in fairness to the hinge manufacturer!

I actually can sort this out if I had remote raise/lower windows! It is really the window glass in the up position that hinders things! But Lotus chose to buy the basic alarm from Cobra that does not have the window option module. I am in talks with Cobra about adding the module, which is possible, but they are concerned that the management control unit might need a tweek, and of course Lotus are being their typical obnoxious selves and will not talk to Cobra on anything outside standard. So a bit snookered there! (If I had a RHD drive car, it would be easy - open the door a few inches, shove in the key and lower the window! Not so easy on LHD!

So, chatting to my dealer today, we are going with plan C, which is to take the windows off the ignition circuit and make the drivers window always live. Dealer is not too happy though as it potentially means an unsupervised child could hang out the window and wind it up at the same time...we have overcome this with having just the 'down' position of the switch live (an idea pinched from the Lotus Elan all those years ago!)

I would still like to talk with anyone who has scissor hinges fitted to an early Evora...🙂



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