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What sacrifices have you made to buy / keep your Lotus?

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I ask, because I was thinking back over time when I purchased my Eclat in the 1980's.

I knew the car because it belonged to a mate of mine who had done a nut and bolt restoration which took him 3 years. He only had it on the road for 1 year after that, then decided he needed a more practical car.

My wife and I had been looking for a new (to us) car. I had fallen in love with the Eclat after my mate had given me a lift one day. Love at first ride!!

We had 2 small children so the Eclat having 2 relatively decent seats in the back was ideal and we decided to purchased it. I was bit apprehensive because this would be our only car.

We we not well off but both working. However to cover the cost of the car plus a years insurance I had to sell my advert playing card and card game collection (over 500 packs) which I had accumulated over many years.

It was a big wrench, especially when I was boxing them up. Some, I knew were so rare that I would never see them again.

20 years later when my wife and I split up. (she left me for a newer model! ) I tried to be "nice" because of our children. Regarding the house, I had  'bought her out' so the children would have some continuity.  

Everything else was pretty much split down the middle. When you don't have much its quite easy!

I obviously wanted to keep the Eclat, so the arrangement was that I would keep the car and she could have the furniture etc. 

It was a bit of a jolt however, to come back from work to find no dining room furniture, no lounge suite, no telly, no cupboards, no drawers etc. All I had was a antique lumpy chaise longue to sit on! (it wouldn't fit in her new house) and the old kitchen units which were built in!

It took a while to get the rest of the usual trappings but at least I kept the Eclat and still have it.


So what sacrifices have you made?  


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1 hour ago, williamtherebel said:

Any regrets?

Me? No, it was a pain not being able to park it anywhere and constantly worrying about someone trying to steal it or scratch it. I enjoyed restoring it from a rusty heap more than driving it. 

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