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What's the best hill climb tyre?


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Apologies if there's already a thread but couldn't find it.

So I've decided to get a second set of rims and looking at where I want to spend my time, it's hillclimbs, sprints and that kind of thing.  Currently running Pilot Sport 4s' which are an amazing all round tyre, no complaints at all but obviously with one set of tyres it can't do everything, after 10 laps on a short track, too hot, slippery and bits start to fall off, cold start for hill climbs also slippery and understeers around corners, but I think you'd be hard pressed to get a better tyre that can cope as well as the 4s's doing that range of driving, is also amazing in the wet and I can drive to the track.

But this isn't an ad for 4s's!  The question, if I get a dedicated set of tyres for hill climbs and sprints, what's the best tyre?

Requirements are simple... sub 60 second runs so they need to grip immediately from cold, and with no storage I need to be able to drive on them (legally) to the event... anyone here into hill climbs with advice?

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PS4S are definitely a road tyre (which can go pretty well on track).

Wouldn't you be better off with Cup 2s? However, I suspect that you might still struggle with the 'need to grip immediately from cold' requirement from any UHP tyre.

It might be slightly left field but how about an 'all season' performance tyre? I'm guessing that they might give you lots of initial grip but the trade off might be less grip higher up the hill.

Otherwise, which tyres do your competitors use? They might be the best source of info.


(PS I've never done a hillclimb so please take all of that with a very heavy pinch of salt).

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