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BOE CAI - Worth It?

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23 hours ago, Cdm2018 said:


hopefully you read the shipping info as you will be using UPS they collect the customs payment prior to delivery however their payment system persistently failed when I tried to use it this week and in the end I had to dig out my old cheque book to pay the driver direct.

the driver even told me that their system was pants including customer care phone centre who were clueless 

I am not sure but it seems to bypass the custom payment if you specify a business address as delivery point then there no charge ???? 

Thanks @Cdm2018  It's due for delivery today, which is amazing given the cheaper cost for shipping, and I only ordered late Wednesday.   I did have a UPS Customs Invoice, which I was able to pay, online.

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I have the BOE CAI on my 2014 S (bought the car with it).

How much louder is it than stock? With a stock exhaust, do you think it would breach UK track noise limits? (105db drive by, 92db static). As I understand the car is close to noise limits anyway!


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With stock exhaust it should be fine. My NA has Radium CAI, 2Bular back box and 3rd cat delete and it tests fine at 95db static at 4500rpm.  Castle Combe has a 100db static limit, which they are pretty strict on. 92db static seems very low - where is that?

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7 hours ago, 92spicer said:

(105db drive by, 92db static)

I think you have that the wrong way round?  The static measurement is Sally taken at around 1m away from the car so is usually higher than the drive by limit where the microphones are on the side of the track so several metres away from the car.

My NA car when with standard air box, sports box and 3rd car delete was ~98db static and on the edge for Bedford track.  I think you'll be fine with a 105db static limit.

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Not a scientific measurement but you get app on your phone with a noise meter 

I have wanted to check my db levels after fitted CAI kit just curious to see what it reads ? I am not likely to do track but then you never know ?  

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Oops, yes you are correct- I got the static/drive by the wrong way round.

I popped down to brands hatch a while ago for a static test and measured 118db static with my 2bular valved exhaust on loud 🤣

I have the stock exhaust to put back on, but it's the drive-by noise of the supercharger that makes me a bit nervous, as it's pretty loud from the cabin

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