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The White Evora Thread

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Thanks Dave , yeah your thread has been as much of a source of info as the handbook or B&C parts website. I saw the work you did on the airbag cover, a bit of me doesn't want any additional metal in there so it's currently clamped together with some stronger adhesives after I spent half the afternoon getting the old what I think was epoxy out of the joint.

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So here's the question , I'm at the point where I can start re assembly BUT I haven't got the black scuff master to touch up the sills/kick panels etc so do I a) wait , send of the smallest of samples as there isn't any decent sized excess on any panel in the hope that can match it , (B) just order their standard black as well black is just black anything else is a shade of grey or (C) just start putting it back together and get it out whilst the weather is good ?

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So got the black dye from Scuffmaster and have done the lower black leather that had taken some damage over the years and now put the car back together. Not often I can get in the back of the Evora so took an unusual pic of the whole dash.


Airbag cover is not as flush both sides as Id hoped but its far better than it was. And the sound of the Focal setup is such an upgrade to the old Alpines.

Final job for this session was to match the brass copper mesh in the Carbon vent panels with the rest I did last year so out with the masking tape and the rattle can again


Next a quick trip to Ollie at Phoenix for a service including serp belt.




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