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EM12A Plates

Mellow Yellow

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3 minutes ago, simonb said:

Be interesting to see the part numbers on type 131 

will it follow the pattern 

117....Elise 2 (Rover)

117....Elise 2001 MY


121....Elise USA

122....Exige 2

123....Exige USA

124....Europa 2006


128....Exige S (euro)

129....Exige S (fed)

131....Elise S (1ZZ)


138....Exige V6

147....Elise 17.5 MY

Also what about Eletre type 132....

Thought Evora NA and S were 122. And 132 in above list  is Evora 4xx???

Someone at the factory has mislaid the notebook of model nmbers.

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On 05/04/2022 at 17:54, Sizona said:

Was going to put this plate on TLF for sale which I will do this week.

In the meantime its available on retention in my name if of interest to anyone. Price £399.00 which is cost.


Here is the link now

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I just looked at the DVLA website that you guys use as a matter of interest and saw that I30 A sold for 24,100GBP or something like that.

The last one that I bought for the Esprit in WA was only $400. Sold it for the same amount.

All we know is that when they stop making this, we will be properly, properly sad.Jeremy Clarkson on the Esprit.

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Cool. Wish we could get plates like that in the UK.. well, the letters allowed.. not the crazy background :)

If it has an engine, I am there to thrash it.

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Personally, I prefer not telling Joe Public what it is ie EM12 RAG, EM12 RAS, EV05 ORA,  E123 LAN, M100 SAD etc... 

I much prefer it when Joe Public comes up to me and says "Wow, what the f***k is that?"

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