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Are door latches available yet?

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Still supplier issues I'm afraid. I'm not an apologist but this is down to them, not Lotus as I understand it and we've a little bit more waiting. I am on the case and chasing on a regular basis for you. 

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On 17/02/2022 at 22:35, Registered said:

Has anyone been successful in sourcing mark 1 Evora door latches (passenger side)?

They have been on backorder for years.

Still haven't been able to unlock or lock my door with the key fob in years.

Does the Evora 400 door latch work on earlier Evora will not have the pin part but it’s cost wish £52 as it’s plastic not metal just asking the question have got both a faulty S1 from years back and a new one for a 400 are have a look see if the part connector is the same .

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Having just joined the forum, am wondering if anyone has:

1. Update on availability of LH latch mechanism for 2010 Evora - this thread

2. Any insight into how I can override the microswitch to unlock the LHS door now.

Current status on #2:

Door would not unlock using either internal or external handle. Went through the process of cutting off the bolts retaining the striker door latch and managed to open the door. When this was done, the door latch mechanism began working again. Applied WD40 and tested locking etc - all seemed fine. Stupid me then put everything back together again. Door locking worked fine for approx. 1 week and then back to remaining locked and both handles not working.

Before I go back to cutting the bolts out again, does anyone know if I can fool the microswitch by removing fuses that link to the microswitch circuit. I have tried removing fuse C3 for the alarm which deactivated the central locking but no joy on getting the door to open. Wondering if perhaps need to take out more than 1 fuse?

Once I do have the door open, I seem to recall a thread stating that you can disconnect the microswitch wiring which allows the door to be locked using the key but will allow it to open and close. Impacts other circuits e.g central unlocking. This is what makes me wonder if I can mimic this by removing a/several fuses to get the door open in the first place.

Thanks in advance - all advice very welcome

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there is also some stuff about the door lock availability here.


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2 hours ago, IranB said:

1. Update on availability of LH latch mechanism for 2010 Evora - this thread


Hi @IranB, I can't help on your item 2 as mine didn't fail in this way and I can still open and close the door with the handles, lock with the key etc....  However on the availability question.... some have been lucky enough to obtain parts recently as Lotus have commissioned a batch... but they don't seem to have ordered enough, or haven't resourced the build of the complete latch sets, or there are supply chain issues, or.... or....   Bottom line is that despite being told that latches would be available several weeks ago, my dealer is now being told that it will be another couple of months for LHS latches to become available (apparently they have a few RHS in stock, or did a week or so back when @Bibs was kind enough to ask what the F*%£ was going on at the factory!)

I think I removed fuse C12 (3A) to stop my battery draining from the interior lights being on, which resulted in the car thinking that both doors are permanently open... but I can still manually lock them and the battery doesn't now drain so it's still very usable.

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well, well, well...

Christmas has come early for my car as the LH door latch kit has arrived at Hendy in Exeter... not sure whether I or the service manager was the most surprised!

Thanks to @Bibs for chasing the factory (many times)... looking forwards to being able to lock my car with the fob and have interior lighting again in a couple of weeks 🙂

For anyone still waiting, it might be worth checking the parts system to see if they are listed now?


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20 minutes ago, Markindevon said:

again in a couple of weeks

Hopefully they can get things organised to do it sooner.

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11 minutes ago, Markindevon said:

Lloyd a note to see if they are booked up for Emira test drives on that date!

When I was there the other day Lloyd's new lady was doing a test drive with a customer who has an Emira on order.  The new chap Elliot is supposed to be their Emira man....

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