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M100 Elan photos


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21 hours ago, exeterjeep said:

Posted on LEC by Geoff Smith... a line of M100's at the Hendy day at Thruxton.

Inc 2 purple ones.



Keith - I suspect the 2 Palacio's probably belong to Kathryn and JimB (Muley)

1 hour ago, Giniw said:

There's only one "effin Smith 😉

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@Rambo , yes I spoke with Kathryn. Her one is the one at the far end. it is a nice colour, prefer it to the Norfolk mustard.

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I am curious to know too!

Apparently this kind of magic sponge works well (

But where did you order the leather dye @exeterjeep ?

Edited by Giniw
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Tried a few options but started with the side bolster - just the drivers side - as could not make it a lot worse. The colour of the front seat face seems to be different from the sides/back before I started, so just treated these front parts of the seats.

Magicfly Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit, 10 Colours for Sofa Couches Furniture Repair and Touch Ups Kit Leather Patch Scratch Repair for Car Seat,   from Amazon.                         It fills the splits etc - don't know how long it will last.

Then a RAL code matched leather dye, used on both seats

Bought one of those RAL colour fan charts, before I ordered, also went down to the local body shop who are used to assessing colours to agree which code was closest.

Sprayed it on using a small can air brush, and also used my air compressor with a small gravity touch up, with the air pressure set quite low. But took ages to mask round - I am a bit  impatient...

Also Used  Scratch Doctor Leather Preparer Kit Leather Prep and Alcohol Cleaner - but only used the cleaner. for Leather Sealant Finish Waterproof and Scratch Resistant Leather Top Coat     Matt then satin.

For a couple of finish coats I used.  4 Foam Sponge Art Paint Brush      as this saved masking things up again.

Does look a lot better than it was, and now in the satin finish it looks slightly better than the pic, Also used the cleaners/ satin finish on the door pocket I got off a side panel from ebay.

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No p/ex for me. SUV not my thing, Emira I'm sure fabulous but Evora more than satisfying enough for me. I prefer the styling on Evora too, especially early 'S1' normally aspirated. 

I really hope Lotus future is bright.



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@jep's lovely M100 alongside my Esprit V8 outside the Brooklands Clubhouse this week where Peter Stevens was giving a talk, to represent some of his styling creations.



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But remember one thing: don't lose your head to a woman that'll spend your bread: Lotus Turbo Esprit (89-11); Lotus Esprit GT3 (12-14): Lotus Evora S (14-17); Lotus Esprit V8 SE "UK Last 15" (18-...) Lotus Emira FE I4 (2024...)

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6 minutes ago, Rambo said:

A bit snowy here today 

If only you had some space for another garage/canopy/car keep the poor thing nicely tucked up.

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