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Replacement Starter Issues

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So I was having some issues with my starter and while I could push start the car it was just not working. I took that as the start just needed to be rebuilt so I took it in to a shop here that rebuilds them and used it as a chance to replace my coils and do some clean up.
I got the starter back, along with some information on what they did all seemed good I put it all back together but now the starter does not even click or try not even a voltage drop the battery just sits steady at 12.5/12.4. It is a new battery and I even put it on the charger for a little while but the fact that I hear the fuel pumps, everything else comes on lead me to believe this is not a battery issue.

I can't exactly reach the starter without removing the intake manifold so I can't try jumping it but I believe the local company they have rebuilt quite a few starters for me.

I checked fuses and everything is good so I am now looking for relays to test but at this point my thought is the Starter is not getting the signal to actually try to start at this point so I am looking for ways to test bypassing the ignition switch and try to start it manually can anyone help with that?
Also any diagrams of the relays would be helpful too.


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Glad to hear that you found out what the issue was.  I have a 98 V8 and it always cranked slow no matter if the battery was new or if the car was cold etc.  It was slower when the car was warm.  Finally one day while I was filling up gas in it last summer it would just click, but no start, so I got 2 guys to give me a push to start it and then home I went.  I did the same as you and took it apart and had the starter rebuilt at a local shop.  When I took mine out I put it on my bench in my garage and hooked up my 12 volt charger to it to see what would happen.  The starter solenoid came out and turned I thought maybe it was something else etc.  I decided since it was all apart it was a good time to get it rebuilt.  Once at the shop as I was dropping it off I mentioned that to the guy who rebuilds them and he looks at me and says lets check it out........He puts it on his bench and hooks it up and tries it and says very quickly that while it comes out it does not have the strength or guts to turn over the motor and that is why when it did work why it was slow.  IF I remember correctly I thought he said it was a Mitsubishi starter actually.  It was the original starter.  He had it done looking new in 1 day and I can say once it was all finally put back together it turned over like nobodys business!!!!!  All for about $150 ish  Glad to hear it was solved.


You can check out mine online in a few drive videos and also a rear shock video I posted on Youtube.  You should get a good laugh about it.  Definetly have the Close Caption on as I make a little fun of myself in the video's.


HJere are a few videos.




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