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Since when did ease of getting in and out become so important such on a Lotus forum? Why did anyone who think it’s so great all of a sudden ever buy a Lotus? Also why did the Exige (the hardest car to get in and out of) sell more than the Evora (by far the easiest and most practical Lotus of the previous range). ‘Like a normal car’ used to be a negative around here.

I get that car buyers who are into prestige and impressing other people think the Elise is a toy/masochistic/kit car and they could never take it seriously as ‘a proper car’. The Emira has already achieved the near impossible in convincing so many who previously mocked Lotus to consider actually buying one. All credit to whoever is responsible but somehow they’ve gone one better in convincing many even here that the old cars are crap, weight doesn’t matter but ease of use, cup holders and infotainment are what really matters in a sports car - and done it with a car that’s slower than its predecessor. This sort of thing normally takes decades. Seems to have taken Lotus two weeks at the Goodwood FOS. Truly remarkable.

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5 hours ago, C8RKH said:

I do think you are tight @jimichanga re why Lotus dropped the Evora Final Edition as it would have been a better performance car.

You are 100% tight and everyone knows it! 😉

What a car that would have been (which nobody would have bought). Seemed very odd at the time but axing it and airbrushing it out makes more sense now. Someone leaked the planned specs a while back and yup 430 motor was on the cards. Pretty much the same spec Emira owners are dreaming about for the 2025 Emira V6 Final Edition.

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17 hours ago, r3nault said:

I'm sure Lotus could make a stripped out, lighter Emira for the hardcore fans and trackday enthusiasts - but I'm not sure they could make money on it. I suppose we will see whether they do.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if they did though! Such niche ‘halo’ projects usually serve a broader market purpose around brand identity & provide a strong demonstration of technical acumen. It’s not just about making a  profit and has wider benefits. Although I strongly suspect that if Lotus decided to produce a limited run of 500 properly lightweight Emiras married to the latest iteration of the AMG 4pot, (415 bhp/500nm torque as in the A45 S), they would be sold out immediately. Even with a c£100k price point.

Sadly it’s more likely that the ICE project ship has already sailed away from Hethel. Their focus is now primarily on the all electric drivetrain.

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I went for my test drive in the Emira the other day and am now really torn as to what to do.  I own an Evora 400 which I love. 

The Emira is a lovely car.  Absolutely stunning to look at from every angle, and of course it has the appeal of being new.  The interior is quality too, and a very nice cabin.  The switchgear compared with the Evora is light and easy to use.  The clutch and gear change are especially easier.  I felt that I sat a bit higher and that the seat base was a bit shorter but beyond that the driving dynamics were quite similar.  I found the sound of the Evora to be better as the Emira is a bit muted but still nice.  I absolutely love how the designers have accentuated the supercharger whine.  It is super addictive.  

I get it now how people say this is a car you can use as a daily driver.  Apart from the fact that I’d be worried about leaving it anywhere I could certainly live with it in that way, whereas the Evora is more hardcore.  The clutch and gear change is heavier, the noise and ride is more imposing on you and it’s possible but not great to consider as a daily.

But the Evora I believe comes with more of a sense of occasion.  It attacks all of your senses when you engage with it whereas the Emira is not so engaging/brutal whilst being every bit as competent if not more.  It is still a weapon but wrapped in cotton wool.  

And that’s what it will come down to for me.  Drive it less and excite all of my sense or all of my senses versus the practicality and ability to drive it more.  

Oh, and the 2 back seats are a big factor.  

I’m going to have a tough decision to make in April/May (assuming I don’t win the lottery before then).

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Everyone, play nice.

There is a post just above mine that requires approval for it to post. I'm not going to approve it as this is not the place for it.

Everyone just be civil to each other for crying out loud.

There will always be differing opinions.

It's Christmas, for Pete's sake.

Stop wasting emotional real estate on having a crack at things or people constantly.

If anyone wants to have a crack at me for this post, rest assured, I will just hide your post & ignore you.

The pettiness is becoming very tiresome.

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All we know is that when they stop making this, we will be properly, properly sad.Jeremy Clarkson on the Esprit.

Opinions are like armpits. Everyone has them, some just stink more than others.

For forum issues, please contact one of us Moderators.

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