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What other cars use the s3 brake pads?

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Unfortunately our pads are relatively rare. 

For the front pads:

The Caliper is AP Racing CP6600 D55

Mclaren 570S, 540C, 570GT, 650S / Spyder, 675LT, MP4-12C use them as a REAR pad.

For the rear pads:

The caliper is 'I think' AP Racing CP6627 D51

No other car in the Pagid catalogue uses the same rear pads.


Why are you looking to fit titanium backing plates?


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  • Gold FFM

@DangerousDave With decent fluid you don’t really need to worry about heat transfer on these cars, you won’t be boiling it. 

In terms of noise, I just use 3M anti-squeal shims on my pads. Very cheap and can just be cut to shape. 

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Yeah, they do. It’s just basically a sticky rubber pad that’s obviously designed for high temperatures. 

I’ve used race spec pads on the road quite a bit over the years, and always carry out all three things that people say can help with noise. 

1) File a small chamfer around the edge of the pad material 

2) Fit the 3M anti squeal shims. Brake Pad Anti-Squeal Backing shims Pads 3M (x4) Universal fitment

3) Use the Mintex Cera Tec anti squeal grease. Mintex Ceratec Anti brake Squeal Lubricant

The combination of all three normally results in quiet brakes on the road. 

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