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bilberry wheel cleaner

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In some sense you might find doing some testing is idea to get best value for money and the right clean.


Personally I use it neat because it sprays on rinse off normally without the need for any agitation.  I the just dry the wheels with  spray of citrus bling and a microfibre cloth.  Citrus Bling adds gloss and a bit of protection.


However I dilution of 1:3 for regular wheel cleaning should be a sweet spot. However you might find you need to do some agitation.  First spray on, then rinse off to make sure your removed grit. Spray on again and agitate then rinse off.  Try this up to 1:5.  I suspect your find you prefer one over the others for quick and easy cleaning.  


The 1:10 dilution is more for the obsessive detailer, where wheels are coated with a good wheel sealant or ceramic.  Some of these guys might clean their wheels daily.  




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