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Race fuel

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Hello all....

I have a hill climb event coming up. 3km uphill stage attacked 7 times with time added up from all 7 runs together


Has anyone tried race fuel in their exige? I have a exige 410 sport which is stock engine wise. 


Has anyone tried a race fuel like VP C9 racing which is 98 RON(95Mon). I think just by common sense that a 100 ron or 102 ron fuel would be a waste as the car isnt tuned for it. Has anyone had experience with a race fuel that has 98 ron octane?

VP C9 os 98 ron with a high MON value of 95 but zero oxygen content. Would a 98 ron race fuel like PANTA 98 ron with 2.7% oxygen provide better power due to oxygen content??

ELF also make a 102 ron race fuel which they state can be used in cars tuned for 98 unleaded. This fuel has 3.7% oxyhen content

So options are

VP C9 - 98 ron, 0% oxygenated

Elf race 102 - 102 ron, 3.7% oxygenated

Panta 98 - race 98 ron, 2.66% oxygenated

What do ppl think? Anyone tried anything else? Help much appreciated. The hill climb is reasonably steep

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I can report that the car detects difference between the 98 and 100 and adapts power (cup430). You lose some power running on 98. It’s quite noticeable. However, you get it back when using 100, but it’s not that obvious when. I guess after one or two full tanks of gas. 

No experiences with 102, but as said before, it will run cooler for sure. Not sure if ecu would take advantage of it. If tested, please report 😉

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Premium gas at almost all petrol stations here is 100 octane. We were doing some track days in Croatia, Grobnik, and they have it as well. I guess it was branded as INA. But it’s not like race fuel, it’s regular fuel. 

However, I’ve put octane booster in my trunk in case only 95 or 98 octane gas available (for long trips in Alps for example).  

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The rule of thumb is that higher octane fuel in a motor, not built for it, will typically reduce the horse power. As mentioned, higher octane fuel actually burns slower thus creating lower cylinder pressure. I run higher octane fuel on the track not for the HP increase but to make sure that I do NOT have detonation issues which can cause very catastrophic results. I believe the V6 motors have a knock sensor which will back timing off if detected thus reducing HP.


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What if i ran PANTA 98 Ron race fuel which is 98 octane like pump unleaded byt being a packaged product would have way more consistency and more oxygen content? Would this prevent more potential knock on hillclimb to avoid power drop?

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The stock engine has (IIRC) a 10.8:1 compression ratio.  So running anything over 100 octane will actually make LESS power due to the slower burn.

I see no benefit whatsoever over running good quality 98 RON as knock with 98 won't be an issue on our very conservatively tuned engines.

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