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Nitron 1 way SL spec

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Yes another Nitron thread !

Any advice on the 1 way with SL valving ?

Use 60/40 track/road 

I know 2/3 ways are better but price is close to 2x 

I would like to have a good for all setting ie when i do trackday i don t have trailer and i don t bring a trolley jack in the Exige :D

So i won t play with the settings during the TD although i like to chase chrono

-2.0 front camber will be possible without hub mod ?

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Speak to Dave at SL, he’ll be totally honest with you.

I ended up buying he’s 1-way’s with their own valving set-up purely as I trust his judgement. I wanted a fit and forgot set-up that that was mainly track focussed. 
I can still change the stiffness and that’s all I really cared about. I don’t chase times though, I just have fun.

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