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Heads up display

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One of my previous cars BMW M4 had a heads up display in M mode which reflected you speed and rev counter on the screen avoiding the need keep looking down at the dash during spirited driving.

My question is has anyone tried a stand alone one at all ,as I found it very useful in the BMW, also I presume my 2010 n/a Evora has an obd 2 port to plug in ??


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I added a CanBus Micro Gauge that I mounted up on my visor. Not the same as a HUDs. But, I find that I now only use that gauge when driving. I could not find a quality HUD that would work without a small reflective screen mounted on the windshield.

The mount is actually just slipped behind the visor so there is no drilling or damage and nothing permanent. I can remove it in about 2 minutes.

Here is info on the first one I installed (I later installed a second version that is pictured below).

(NOTE: Its easier for me to link to them then re-write the info all over)

A little info on the second version:

Canbus Gauge.jpg

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I used to love the accurate and easy to read Stack instruments on my old Elise and got frustrated when I changed to an Evora, especially with the speedometer, which is miles out. Not a HUD, but I went old school and installed a ScanGauge2, simply wedged between the bottom edge of the windscreen and the dashboard top. No drilling or sticking in place required. You can calibrate the speedometer to be spot on. It is the information from the ScanGauge that I use when driving, never looking at the car’s own speedo or rev counter. I also have it displaying coolant temperature and battery volts on its other two spare positions. Much better than the car’s own warning lights. Not fancy, but it works.

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Options here, ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous!

Plenty that only need an OBDII connection so no need for extra power runs too....

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