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Emira door height.. will it fit in a trailer

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Looking to get a covered trailer for the new toy, the minimum door height appears to be an issue if you want to drive into a trailer with side opening doors (so you open the car door and trailer side doors to get out). Any guesses to the height from bottom of the door to the ground?



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Do you mean the distance from the trailer floor to the top of the trailer sill? If it’s tight, you could always add a scaffolder’s plank either side to drive up and on to. In fact when my old Lotus was taken away in a covered trailer it had integrated ramps as well. Take a look:


By the way, what do you need the trailer for? Emira GT4 race car?

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32 minutes ago, Abgreenbank said:




Woodford rl500.  250mm.  Problem me thinks

Ah I see what you mean now - the height of the lip on the door up to the underside of the Emira opened door. Yeah I can what you mean there……maybe this trailer type isn’t designed for low-slung sports cars?

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No GT4, just don’t want to put lots of motorway miles on it and my new towing vehicle arrives next week… defender 90 P400 

Good idea, one of the trailer manufacturers has suggested the floor height compared to side sills can be raised with aluminium blocks, but still want to be sure, I have asked info from Lotus customer care, ie pop into the factory open a door and measure

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Does this help at all?


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From the ground It's ~200mm at the front of the door rising to ~300mm to the rear. The 200mm element would probably not be an issue so I'd say if you had to clear 250mm you'd be safe.

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