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For a considerable period of time I have been fighting with myself should I sell the S2 and get a V6 but finally one evening in early January I placed a sales add and within 24 hours a deposit was taken with several others on the reserve list. 

Its was a sad day when it went and my initial worry was have I done the right thing but it was too late, it was loaded and off to its new owner.


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I had my eye on a particular car for a while, all my other Lotuses has been dark colours so this time I wanted a bright colour especially bright in this case. Orange, Yellow or Bright green. I also wanted a very low mileage car with FLSH and of course condition.

DT performance cars had a car right colour, condition, mileage, history, packs and in my budget. A deal was struck which includded full proffisonal detail in there workshop, and covered transporter delivery so within 10 days of saying yes it got delivered. I must say DT did a amazing job of preparing the car and their service was very very good. Screenshot_20220128-171456_Instagram.thumb.jpg.25ae5ef1e60980a235525848cdf1e6d9.jpg

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I never run any of my cars during the winter months so the Exige was unloaded and put into the garage. 

So what had I actually bought, I had not viewed the car only bought off pictures and videos and doing my homework on DT performance cars.

First thing was to put it on the lift and get the wheels off and have a good look round, underneath and on top.


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My initial plan was to give it a good clean, but the car had never really seen much winter weather looking at the condition of the suspension wishbones. All of the undertrays got removed again so i could see whats what. 

First job was to fit some genuine Lotus carpets to the bulkhead and floors, some Focal speakers and new Pioneer headunit while the seats were out a full strip down and clean of everything. I do have future plans for the interior but thats this next winter.



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Now that is a thorough clean! Congratulations, great looking Exige and it'll be interesting to read your views on the car versus the other Lotus you've had over the years. The V6 is a very different engine, not as manic as the Toyota but makes up for it with oodles of torque!

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Congratulations 👏🎊. A beauty. 

The plural of Lotus is ....... Lotus. 😃

I hope you get to drive it soon. 


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