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Spoiler fitment

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I have just fitted a full carbon (380cup/410sport/430cup) rear hatch lid on my 380 sport (originally had the standard GRP painted hatch with the carbon insert panel).

I have come to fit my 380sport spoiler back onto it, and the lower base mount doesn't fit the shape of the new hatch properly. The hole centres are all exactly the same, but the boot has a curve to it, where the original boot was flat where the spoiler mounts.

I had previously assumed the 380sport, and 410 sport spoilers were identical other than the end plates, but looking on DeRoure parts website there is a different part number for the spoiler base mount for cars with standard boot (350sport/380sport/390sport) vs those with this same spoiler on the carbon boot (410sport/420 sport)

I would just buy the new lower mounts, but the price of these are ridiculous for what they are (£262.20 each + vat)   that comes to £641.86 for the pair + delivery!! 😲

Part number: A651B4003F + A651B4004F

Has anyone else fitted a spoiler that doesnt sit down correctly on the hatch lid? what did you do to sort it?

I suppose most people would be going to a cup style boot that is designed to fit on this carbon hatch

pics of the spoiler fitted:







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Thanks for the pics its really helped to see the difference. Mine has a gasket under it which is like 0.5mm foam. When the spoiler is bolted down on the original boot you can't see it. 

It is actually something I was going to try. There is a local gasket manufacturer that I was going to visit next week to get a thicker 2 or 3mm gasket made up which should make the fit a bit better. 

The bottom of your spoiler uprights look to have a slight curve to them too, where mine are straight, and currently touch the boot at the front and back edges

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So I popped over to a local gasket manufacturer and bought an offcut of 2mm solid neoprene rubber for £5. Drew around the mounts and cut out the shape, and bolted it down. Much better fitment now. It doesn't fit like on the 430 as the upright has a curve bottom, where mine is flat, but this stops the front and back edge pushing into the hatch lid

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