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Fitting MY12 front lower wishbones to a MY10 Evora

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Hi! I recently discovered my lower front balljoints had bags of play in, and as I'm sure many of you know on the Evora that seems to mean replacing the entire bottom wishbone.

I found Elise-Spares had some that were basically new (otherwise I'd have been looking at £1500+), and given the choice I opted for the MY12 parts because supposedly they had the stiffer bushes in that were better for steering feel.

However, while the wishbone itself is identical, the bushes are narrower. I was expecting that Lotus would just have provided some washers so you could shim the wishbone backwards and forwards, but I don't actually see them listed in:

Does anyone have any experience of this? Did the front subframe actually change in 2012 to have narrower holes for the wishbones, or did lotus just put in shims? And what are the part numbers?

edit: There's a reference to TSB 2011/19 in the part description for the bushes and in which may shed some light on it - but I can't seem to find this anywhere :(


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Thanks! So to me...

> It is intended to fit the revised wishbones (A) to the base and IPS models as a running change in the near future

Sounds like it's expected that they should pretty much slot right in, but the 'new' one appears to have bushes 48mm long (that sit flush with the sides of the wishbone) verses the original's 62mm long ones. Lotus wouldn't have changed the front subframe would they? Seems like the bolts that bolt them in haven't changed length..

But then same paragraph:

> in the event that it becomes necessary to renew any suspension wishbone, then the replacement assembly selected must be correct for that vehicle.

So not great... I can understand not wanting to mix and match but I guess changing both sides is unlikely to be an issue?


Edit: looks like there's more info in CK7 of the manual:

Seems the bottom wishbone hasn't changed geometry at all (although the top one has) - it really is just stiffer bushes.


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"Note: If it is necessary to renew an original front lower wishbone, but assemblies with beige coloured
pivot bush inserts are no longer available, then all of the front and rear wishbones must be replaced
as a vehicle set with the revised assemblies (with green pivot bush inserts and front upper wishbones
with the revised ball joint location)."

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Unlikely to be a serious safety problem to replace F+R wishbones at the same time I would have thought?

If the front bushes are stiffer, you will probably introduce a bit of extra understeer in most circumstances. I would imagine that there is a small risk of unusual weight transfer oversteer from the rear especially if scandy flicked or turning whilst cresting a yump or similar but I wouldn't think it's going to be a huge handling issue.

It's still better to do all four at once if you can though as it probably won't be as good to drive with mismatching. Basically all Evora parts are swappable as far as I'm aware (as long as you are willing to stump up the cash/effort to take into account the knock on effects/requirements).

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