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 These were a ball ache to fit….. if the pedals were on a work bench it would be a 10 minute job but the access is so crap it takes ages….


You have to drill the rivets out on the OEM pedals first


Once the rivets have been drilled out you’ll need to heat the pedal with a heat gun and prize them off as pedals are glued as well as riveted in the factory….



 Job done and although I changed the position after going for a test drive, hell and toe is now a breeze 👌



Simplify, then add lightness

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 Again the daughters gym mat is a must for the knees especially I’ve your drive is chipping like mine 😬🙈👍


 I ended up putting one of the supplied spacers behind the brake pedal and moving the accelerator one over to the right.

 If anyone was wondering where I brought the pedals the link is below;

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Simplify, then add lightness

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 In all honesty I brought these pedals about 8 months ago and they’ve sat on the window cill since then up until I fitted them a couple of days ago and I can’t even remember how much the pedals were let alone the postage, sorry. 

 I do remember thinking that they were expensive at the time and I think the pedals with the postage were over £100. They’re all solid aluminium tho and come with spare bolts and spacers if that helps justify the price….🙈

 They’re specifically designed for Elise/Exige so not just generic ‘Fits all’ 👍

Simplify, then add lightness

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