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Evora 400/GT430 aerial/antenna for DAB Headunit

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Hi Guys -

I just picked up my GT430 with the Alpine INE-W710D headunit.

The fM radio side works ok, not brilliant but the DAB side just won't pick up any stations - even when i try to manually add the BBC channels.

I slid the headunit out and don't see a cable connected to where I would expect the DAB antenna to be connected (circle in red below)

So first question is whether the headunit gets a signal through a different cable, and where should the antenna come from in the dash (typically) if there should be an antenna ?

Pics below ....




Any guidance would be appreciated otherwise I'll pop it back to the garage so they can investigate.



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I can't help technically but our Sport 410 had no DAB reception and no visible DAB antenna.

Whilst it was at the shop having a MetaTrak fitted, I asked them to look. They fitted a visible DAB antenna on the windscreen and ordered a loom for the unit as the wiring appeared to have been poorly modified. I assume a previous owner had made a poor effort rather than a dealer or Lotus.

A good ICE shop should be able to sort or hopefully your dealer for free. 


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Just been to sit in mine, and I have had it around 18 months and never tried the DAB before, but sitting in the garage and the result    -   my DAB works.

I normally have just 1 USB stick in with a copy of the same stuff I have played in my cars for years. 

And of course who needs a radio when there is the sound track created by the car.....

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Thanks, quick trip to Halfords for a DAB antenna, I just stuck it behind the headunit under the dash and that’s enough to get a bar or 2 of signal.

The dab antenna does have a wire for power and i can see on the wiring diagram where to fit it into the loom but couldn’t quite get to it with pulling around lots of wires.

it’s good enough for now and I have dab radio so I’m happy! 

I’ll get it done properly next time I have any work done on the car.

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The DAB function was not operational on our generation of Evora although the "Premium" head unit was capable, there is however an Aftersales kit that can be retro fitted, an Alpine audio dealer could also help you with this.

The parts list from Lotus ASO is:

36 Harness, alpine radio* C132M0326F 1
37 Cable, antenna input* 20 MY A132M6244F 1
38 Cable, FM output* 20 MY A132M6245F 1
39 Cable, DAB output* 20 MY A132M6246F 1
40 Splitter DAB Antenna* 20 MY A132M6243F 1

Hope this helps.

Darryl & Sue

Proud to drive and own since new a true British supercar the Evora GT430

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Thanks guys. I’ve also tried a unpowered DAB splitter cable from Amazon, essentially takes the fm aerial and splits the output.

Works ok with 1 or 2 bars of signal.


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