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to brake lathe or not to brake lathe

Guest kev_rm

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Rotors are toast after day 2 at the track (lame!). The first route I went based on some feedback to not use a brake lathe was to ask the nearest machine shop to surface grind them but they can't get them mounted.

Is a brake lathe out of the question?

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Hi Kevin,

What model year V8 do you own ?

Does it have the Brembo or AP brake setup ?

Maybe you could fill in your car into your members profile ... there it says "none" :cool:


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A friend of mine's dad owns a clock makers, he reckons he can skim disks without an issue.

Personally I am a little sceptical however I trust his expertees in machining.

The answer was to use a semi-circular cutter so as to not make any keen edges to the piece being machined.

Suprise the brakes have gone that bad after 2 track sessions, did you come down the straight and plough the heat onto them from work go ?

You might also wanna check your pad material - I was always under the impression it was fused brake dust that caused wobbles / warping.

If your compound isn't good for the high temps of track use that might be the problem.

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Hi Kevin,

Usually the AP-setup is just perfect ... also for heavy track days !

But, I also experienced that on a few cars the AP discs are not perfect quality and they tend to fail/warp.

In this case, please try to resurface (grind) them ... there is nothing to loose.

Of course, its very likely that the disks may fail again, but I think its worth the try.

If they fail gain, you may go for our high quality discs for your AP-setup. Our AP-disks are not manufactured by AP, they come from the Porsche OEM supplier made to our specs. The quality is just great.

Please donot change the calipers, these are perfect for the Esprit !



Sorry - 2003, AP


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I have cut them sucessfully on the lathe, 1.5 thou either side, turn rotor fast and slow traverse, nice new sharp bits.

remember to tighten wheels evenly and to spec, over or under or uneven can warp rotors.

Pete in AZ......... :respect:

BTW never have a friction surface like a brake rotor or flywheel "turned" on a lathe by a machinist. These friction surfaces should only be blanchard ground (surface ground in the UK). The grinding will provide a stronger, harder, longer lasting surface with more consistent friction. Machining a rotor with a cutting tool on a lathe will create weak peaks and valleys which are suceptable to damage by heat build up, and will wear very fast and unevenly.


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