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V Belt and Pulleys - alternative parts??

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Hi Folks

So my trusted workshop is embarking on a major service on my 2012 Evora S and as part of it, I am going to replace the V Belt and Idler Pulleys as a preventative measure - they are past their best for sure.

Can anyone provide manufacturer part numbers (EG SKN) or alternative part numbers for these?? (including the V Belt?) 

I am shocked by the 'lotus tax' on these!!!

A132E6153S Pulley, Idler 50mm

A132E6514S Pulley, Idler 60mm

A132E6515S Pulley, Idler Internal 52.5mm

B132E6500H V Belt


Many Thanks!!


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Belt Tensioner

Toyota 16620-31040

Idler pulleys

2x No2 idler pulleys (Toyota 16604-31020)

2x Idler cover plates (Toyota 16649-31020)

1 x Gates belt K071130

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Tolerances on this?  a few CM variance on the combined pulleys could be well within the scope of the tensioner range of operation......but I wouldnt take risks with this.

I just find it hard to stomach paying 5 times a sensible price for 4x  pulleys!. When a comparable product from a quality manufacturer can be sold by them including a profitable markup at a quarter of the Lotus price!

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was due for belt to be changed at last service but garage said they couldnt get one from lotus nor could lotus tell them the length so they could source elsewhere

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13 minutes ago, Bravo73 said:

I’m really, really surprised that ES couldn’t find you an alternative. If anyone could, I would’ve bet on them. 

I imagine that @Bruss feels the same. 

kinda put it in their hands as to which service to apply as although car is a 2009 it has done no miles so they opted for a "c" service to be sure but can only repeat what i was told about belts !!! 

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10 hours ago, JayKayEll said:

Cheers Bob

But these toyota pulleys come back as 70mm? whereas Lotus list them as 50mm??



You could be right in your findings, as I got the info from a Lotus forum giving OEM parts cross reference numbers and I have not used them.

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