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Heater Stuck on HOT, Rusty Nuts and Fan Knobs :)

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The heater control on my Eclat is stuck on hot, can anyone tell me if it’s possible to remove the trim panel around drivers footwell and reach the heater valve and close it manually.

Also located the clicking sound from the engine to be a blown gasket; manifold end to 'downpipe,' and a stud is broken. How difficult a job to undo nut and replace gasket and stud? Leave to professionals or DIY? Sight of 40 year old rusty nuts put me off a bit.

How is the Otter Switch held into the gasket. Mine just has cable ties.   :o

Is it standard that the 3rd position at 4.30, on the Interior Heater Fan Knob,  turns on the radiator fans?



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You may need to remove the manifold to allow the stud to be drilled out and re-tapped/Helicoiled.  That face of the manifold may need machining to get a good seal.  Horrible job I'm afraid!


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