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Starting issues

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Advice please. 1988 X180 N/A normally starts cold with a tickle of throttle as fuel pump runs over. Starting it now requires two to three goes. Then - normally - when it has been for a run starts first time. Not at the mo. Takes two or three goes and today got a bang. Once running, clean as a whistle. MOT and service coming end June. Do I suspect fouled plugs? Car has had oil change and service every six months by Allon White. Something is not quite right and any steers much appreciated.

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My X180  Starting from cold, full choke, no pedal.  Starts and idles (lumpy) until I can pick it up on the throttle.  Choke returned as soon as possible.

 Warm or hot, a bit of throttle, starts first time.

I would guess the service does not involve anything on the distributor so remove cap and clean, especially the pickups for each  ht lead.  make sure all ht leads are pushed firmly home.  Check the ignition advance be twisting the rotor arm on the shaft against the springs.  Check the vacuum advance by sucking on the tube.  Roy.

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