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A Recent History of Lotus

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This video gives a history of Lotus that is pretty well up to date.  It has recently been given exposure on another forum, so due acknowledgements.  I’ve not seen it posted here – surprising, as it contains a mass of information about Chapman (and, importantly, Hazel), many others, and the cars that I found hugely informative – ok, I was far from well-informed previously.

It would a pity to allow the title to put anyone off viewing it. The title is relevant – potentially - only to the last minute of about 40, where it is raised as a question rather than a conclusion.  Not always the case, I make no comment now about that question.  IMO the video is too good overall to be side-tracked by it.

Some have spotted the odd error of detail or omission and some experts here may see larger ones – it would be good to hear of corrections. The one I spotted is trivial in relation to the overall story that covers Chapman pre-Lotus, his creation of and his development of Lotus, the cars, racing, and then Lotus post-Chapman.  It does not shrink from the darker aspects.


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I posted this on the other forum but then didn’t post it on here after  getting the feedback of it being inaccurate.

I really liked hearing about Hazel Chapman’s involvement though and would like to think that’s all true.

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