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I’m sure there will be plenty here that like myself enjoyed poking round the 4  cars at Goodwood currently. Surprised myself by really liking the silver car which previously would have been my last choice and also very taken by the red one.


The issue was that when I climbed in the red car I wasn’t comfy in the seats particularly around the headrest and the back of my neck.  My current car has fixed seats yet I’ve never felt the need to alter them in any way. People on Lotus stand told me these were the final production seats. Now panicking on if I could get them adjusted to make them comfy. Could be a deal breaker for me.


Anyone else got views on the seats, colours etc after seeing these cars?

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I was told by Scott Walker that they were not final spec seats.. and I trust Scott more than any other at Lotus. There was so much adjustment in the seats, I was able to get them just so

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I’m 6’1”.  If others weren’t having issues then perhaps I just need to play with the settings more to get them adjusted right and this gives me hope.  I guess what alarms me most is my Evora seats were great with hardly any adjustment. In addition when I spec my car I want to keep it fairly simple - I’ve no desire to spend money on heavy 12 way adjustable seats.


Guess if I can get a test drive before I need to commit then this is when I’ll know for sure if it works for me or not:


Over a year on from ordering and car still wows me when I see it in the flesh.  Given I’m after as stripped out an I4 as you can get though I imagine it may be at least another year or even 18 months before I see a car!

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