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The FUNNIEST thing I have seen all year!

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:wacko: the iraq, south africa, u.s. americans, the iraq, such as south africa:

". . . because, um, some people out there in our nation, don't have maps . . . " LOL . . .


Tony K. :)


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God Bless Amerikar.....Amerasia...eyerak...em ...... :)

Must make you proud to come from that place over there Tony .....errrr....where ever it is em i think also.... em and peace for the world :respect: ... oh and our childeren ... and fellow Armerikans... and mother Tereeeeesa.

Excelent stuff Tony... i hope she won :)

Future Presidential candidate?

Future Presidential bedmate ????.......her moms name wasnt Monica was it ?

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Coming to the young maiden's rescue, I believe she simply had a horrible case of "stage fright" or an anxiety attack. I feel very sorry for her.

Once, I was a new member of a very geeky computer club and was introduced to all the members there and then asked to say a few words to everyone about what I was interested in. Well, to me, low level code such as assembly language or microcode for an ASIC, an FPGA, or disk controller, or whatever, is what I live and breathe for. Still, after about three words into my reply I got extremely self-conscious and basically babbled a total stream of nonsense. Then, realizing that, I babbled even more trying to extricate myself. Everyone was very embarrassed for me.

As for the question, I'm curious if there has been any recent change in today's kids versus those of 80 years ago regarding geography. Some kids are just fanatical about maps and geography; like trainspotters I guess.


-Dave, in one of the nine nations of north America

All Cows Eat Grass

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what's the problem , hey !?

Why does Mr.Bush do his policy of occupation in the world ? It's because of those good looking teenagers, the US is everywhere on the world in the future, and it does not matter where you place your finger on the map .

By the way, it's not a US problem in general. You can even find "miss candidates" in Europe with such problems.

But as we say here, dumb ass'es can f*** good.

It can only get better....

So happy new year !

PS. here it is, one of my favourites

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to name the things if I see them, that's what I call integrity..


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