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Hot, hot, hot...


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Shhh .....

I've just told her that it isn't flat - what is she going to do about it ?

It's not too bad :)






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Hope you got all you hay etc in safely. My neighbour got his field bailed just yesterday, not been to his field to see if the bails are in or still out.

1 hour ago, march said:



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50 minutes ago, exeterjeep said:

Hope you got all you hay etc in safely

We abandoned it as the quality was going to be so low and have bought in enough to get us through the winter. Cows are on it at the moment and looking rather fat! We are scaling right back on the cows this winter anyway as the cost of farm inputs have far exceeded any chance of any farm activities having any viability.

Also have learnt this year, to our cost that farmers will screw over other farmers as soon as look at them. I am afraid I am a bit old school - if you agree to something then you stick to it!


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My neighbour used to keep sheep some 14 years ago, think he has fallen out with most of the other farmers in the area.   He is 80 now and a bit difficult sometimes.

We only have next doors horses in our field. She arranged to have our field cut and small baled. She had half and the farmer had half, so no money was spent...

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Fortunately our farm is not our main income, we are just being pragmatic and scaling right back in these uncertain times, we can always grow back if and when we feel like it at a later date.

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On 09/08/2022 at 21:38, Escape said:

The hot weather we're having lately has presented me with an unexpected problem. I like to take the Jag out with the top open, but if I park in the sun for too long she'll refuse to start. Never a problem when parked inside or somewhere cool(ish), but she seems to dislike the sun. I can hear the solenoid engage and feel the starter motor want to spin, just not with enough power to actually turn over the V12. My first thought was worn brushes, so I had the starter rebuild, by the same reputable specialist we always used. Now it's better, but still not reliable. So I can drive the car, but am reluctant to park to have for a drink or such. No good! Wiring has been checked and an extra earth strap fitted to the engine. Under bonnet temperature doesn't seem to matter, she'll start first go after a run as long as it's not too hot outside. Only thing I can think of is the battery being unable to supply the high current necessary for starting when warm/hot. Voltage drops to 9V while trying to start, but will stablise and not decrease much even after multiple attempts to start.

All ideas welcome, even if it is a bit of topic.


Still pretty hot around here, but at least there are occasional clouds, so it's a lot easier to take.

As for the Jag, I managed to pinpoint the problem to the ignition switch: a poor connections meant the starter relay didn't get enough voltage to stay engaged once the starter drew current. As a quick fix I added a start button so I could use the Jag without worrying. Much to my surprise I never needed to use the back up switch, until today. Despite being parked in the Workshop at a very reasonable 25°C, she again demanded attention. The starter was spinning, but nothing else was happening. i had been 'adding lightness' and simplifying the vacuum system, so naturally assumed I had made a critical mistake somewhere. Then I noticed the dash wasn't working and the radio was intermittent, so definitely a problem with the ignition switch. Luckily the capless bolts had already been drilled out and replaced by socket heads so the ignition barrel was easy to remove. I missed that first time around, otherwise I would have taken it out straight away. Cleaned all the contacts and securely fitted the switch as it was a bit lose. That seems to have done the trick. 😎  It looks like I also fixed some vacuum leaks, as the idle is a lot more stable now. A bit on the low side, but that's easy to rectify, I had adjusted it downwards a couple of times already.

I have made many mistakes in my life. Buying a multiple Lotus is not one of them.


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