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Retrofitting the passenger footrest to a sport 350 - short mat?

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Hi All,

Trying to find a short mat to retrofit the passenger footrest into my 350 which also has the full carpets.  From memory on my Elises back in the day you had to order a slightly narrower mat.

All I can find on the B&C parts site is A120V0059K from the V6S parts list, does anyone know if the open gear linkage has a different footprint to the v6s  that would make this mat not fit, or better still a part number for the correct short/narrow mat for a 350?  I'm guessing someone must have tried this retrofit by now :) if not I'll order the mat and try it.

Thanks all



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Hi Johnny

I fitted the footrest recently by just putting it down on the carpet. The parts I purchased included heavy duty sticky-back velcro and foam to prevent the footrest from chafing against the aluminium divider between passenger and driver footwells.

I purchased parts 3,4 and 5 from the following page on B&C's DeRoure parts website

Good luck


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Thanks Ryan,

That's more or less exactly as far as I've got, but the carpet overmat in my car is full length, so wanted to find the shorter version designed for footwell equipped cars.   Velcro doesn't hook into the overmats in my car, although it does stick to the main carpet underneath really well. I found this out when fitting a small subwoofer in the footwell and ended up velcroing it to the carpet at the far end of the footwell.  I'll have to revisit that as part of fitting the foot rest.

Does your velcro stick to the overmat or the base carpet? I didn't buy the lotus velcro, I bought heavy duty 3m branded velcro from amazon, I assume its just the same hook/loop stuff?

Theres loads of short mat part number from Elise/exige over the years, but I'm not sure which (if any) fit the open gate cars. I'm not sure why lotus stopped fitting the footrest, I can only guess it was a cost saving,  it gets pretty uncomfortable as a passenger on longer trips without this imo.








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Hi Johnny. Sorry for the delay in responding. 

The velcro does stick well to the overmats in my car so my footrest simply sits on top of the overmats. Pic below


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Sorry, didn’t see this post before, my other half doesn’t like the lack of footrest. So in my first Exige V6 (no side carpets, I tried ordering a couple of mats which turned up & were too narrow. So found a trimmer to cut & re-sew the edge onto my original mat. Then 4 odd years ago swapped to a 350 Sport with side carpets at B&C, sorted out a footrest as part of the deal & they said they’d get the mats. 350 Sport different to earlier V6 apparently. Anyhow after several months we had to agree on giving up, no short mat could be sourced. My trimmer had now retired so I have a long mat over the footrest, creating a hidden compartment to carry things like a footpump on top of the footrest.

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