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About to buy a 420....should I fit a tracker? Am I mad given I dont have a garage? - Elise / Exige Chat - The Lotus Forums - Official Lotus Community Partner Jump to content


About to buy a 420....should I fit a tracker? Am I mad given I dont have a garage?


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After about a year of debating whether to sell my S1 for an Exige I'm about to take the plunge tomorrow. However I am a little concerned about security as it will be parked on our drive, not in a garage. Am I mad buying an Exige and putting on a drive? 

Have any of you fitted a tracker or some other security device that you would recommend ?



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A decent tracker or immobiliser is a good move if it helps your insurance by more than the cost of the device, but making the driveway more secure is generally sensible, cameras, lights, gates, security posts are all good deterrents and provide peace of mind.  A cover for the car also creates an added hassle and more opportunity to get caught.  At the end of the day, if they're pros and they target your car, they'll take it and it'll never be seen again.  That's when your insurance steps you really want the car back if it's been stolen?

Thankfully, you don't hear about Lotus being targeted for theft, Range Rovers, BMWs and Mercs are much more in demand, they blend in much more easily and the demand for parts makes them more attractive to thieves.  I cannot imagine that an Exige would fare too well as a ram raid tool :D

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