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No tracker,no insurance


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Friend of a friend had his Porsche stolen and insurance want proof of a tracker installed,which he hasn't got because the car hasn't got one. They say he ticked the tracker box and so no tracker no insurance. He says he didn't tick the box but he may be compulsory. Is he entitled to his £1800 premium back if he doesn't have cover.


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No. Theft cover is a tiny aspect of the premium paid. Accidents, to car and people make the bulk of the premium, hence why premiums are more for so called higher risks: young, convictions, densely populated areas etc... 

Awful for your pal but pay attention when doing your insurance. We needed a tracker for the Sport410 Evora that I share for the insurance cover, my pal was a bit unconcerned but I arranged a MetaTrak after 3 months of ownership. 

I need to get my valuations sorted which I haven't done and is a requirement on my policy. 




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The insurance cannot be void simply due to admin, but a tracker could easy be a material consideration to the level of risk. If the tracker was optional then there may be potential for partial cover (e.g not having it increased the risk of total loss by 50% so they only pay out 50%), also may be worth asking for copy (or accurate re-creation) of the record that shows he confirmed the presence of a tracker as the way it was asked etc may alter whether a reasonable customer would have spotted it.

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The certificate of insurance/ancillary paperwork normally has such conditions as mileage limits/windscreen cover etc, would have thought that would have mentioned the tracker?

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