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wiring proplems

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Hi again everyone 

What have I done ?,I think I have opened a can of worms today ,since I have had the elite there has only been a couple of bulbs working in the dash board So I decided to take the front of to check out the bulbs I don't think I will ever get it back together again .There is absolutely NO room to do anything in there I can't even get my hands in and all the bulbs have come out their little sockets some wires are scotch locked in and it's a hell of a mess .Does anyone have a simple wiring diagram that I could follow to enable me to put it all back together 

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This is the wiring diagram for a RHD (early) Elite. It should give you the basics, but if someone was in there with scotch locks etc, it could be a challenge to get everything set straight again...

Best of luck and keep us updated!


Elite wiring.pdf

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The single biggest problem with the dashboard wiring is that it is "hard-wired" - there are no multi-plugs to undo.  I'm rewiring my car and one of the jobs at the top of the list is to multi-plug the dash assembly so it can be easily removed again if need be.  Maybe you could do the same - might be easier?


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