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custom exhaust systems

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well as you know i needed to get my silencer replaced and the pipes also. so i looked about for a stock system but i felt they were overpriced and basically the exhaust technology they use outdated.

so i decided to goto cardiff and see south wales finest custom exhaust builder, a gentleman named charlie at prospeed exhuasts.

so after meeting punky at 8;30 who was outside cleaning his wheels.. again!! we set off for cardiff.


not long after arriving we filled in a job card and the cars were put onto the ramps.


charlie then spoke with us about what exactly we wanted and got on with things.

i was having the rear box custom made with a custom pipe work set up.

so it was good bye to this old rear end and old tired system.




more in part 2

so began the labourious task of designing ,bending and welding up the custom set up.

the pipework would be linked into each other before the box and a single feed pipe into the box with twin outs was the plan.

here is the feed out of the turbo being made this was upgraded to a wider pipe to aid downflow


the flange/bracket from the old pipe to the turbo was cut off the old pipe and then placed in a lathe and re-machined to accept the larger pipe.


whilst this was going on Alan started building the silencer, going with a single internal baffle and stright feed in with perferated out pipes a generous amount of wadding was inserted as over the next few miles the system will open up and become more sporty.




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Part 2

with the silencer being finished charlie concentrated on getting the pipework completed.

here you see the test fitting of the turbo down pipe.



the wastegate pipe was brought into the turbo pipe a different way than standard, this meant the

system was balanced priot to entering the silencer and made it a single entry feed also.



we had now gone into the day quite considerably and due to a few problems charlie had to turn

away two bookings that afternoon, however he got on with the job and all went forward.

the silencer was now test fitted to the car mounts and centred on the bracket to make it visually

equal from the rear. then after careful measurements the valance was cut!!!



so you now know where this is going!!!!

i decided to go with the twin exit system after all but i went with a different tail set up and a more

flattering one at that, as the pipes follow the shape of the valance and dont stick out as far as

the stock ones do either.

i know its a little dark but heres charlie and alan fitting the twin pipes on the car at around 8pm


yes you heard right 8pm!!!!!! charlie had decided to stay until everything was done right! you

cant beat that by any standards for customer service and dedecation.

charlie than started on punkys down pipes and it took him around 45mins to have them ready!!

and fitted!!.




more in part 3

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Part 3

so we got the cars down and outside, here is the first piccie of my new twin sports system in situ.


punkys car now sounds bloody evil with the restrictive resonators removed the system runs

much better needless to say there were a few flames out his pipes while i was following him


so today i have a little job to do, thats re-align the rear bumpers but thats ok and all is done.

here she is a little dirty and in need of a clean this afternoon but the slashed pipes are in and

they suit the car very well, the system is fantastic, a very low deep rumble on idle and the high

end will come shortly after it beds in.





as you can see its all in equal proportion and fits verywell!!

Job Rating: 10/10

Charlie is a consumate professional at his work, putting the customer first everytime, the very fact he stayed until just after 9pm to make sure the jobs were done right tells you everything about this guy and his team, the dedication to produce the very best for his clients shows in his work and products.

would i reccomend charlie and the team to anyone else? well that goes without saying and without hesitation.

so if you need a custom system designed, fabricated and installed with a 20year guarantee then you really need to speak with charlie

Im going to get bibs to speak with him on monday and see if we can get him a traders spot here

and prehaps some members discounts to follow.

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its a post break, you see when you try and add posts with over 10 img files in them the flood control on the forum tries to merge the new post with the previous one and then it wont allow it because there is more than 10 img links in the post, so by putting a page break reply in it allowed me to post the other two parts. bibs will delete the page breaks later so its all one thread.

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I must admit after seeing those quad pipes in the flesh.............I want,I want ,I want,I want........... In fact, I will :thumbup:

now where's that piggy bank and that hammer.

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I'm loving that piece of craftmanship mate.

Spot on with twin-twin!!

I will post up next week when mine comes back from Salisbury...

Great stuff from your countryman Charlie and co.

Punky get your cash out - this summers must have - quattro pipeage!!!!


2009 World Singstar Champion

No I don't like the Europa, Evora or Exos.

"Like a cockmonkey with 3 cocks."


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Very Smart Si,

I must admit when you where on about qaud outlets for your motor i feared

it may look a little strange! But to my suprize it looks bloody good on an esprit, very pleasing

to the eye :thumbup:

A good choice of size of outlets aswell, top job, its also good to

see fab shops like charlie take pride in their work!

Keep up the great mods and enjoy your motoring :whistle:

regards danny ;)


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thanks guys, the pictures dont do it justice, im very happy with the system, when i start the car and let it idle there is a very deep rumble there and it sounds very very nice, charlie told me that the system wont open up for the first 100 or so miles as it will bed in then expect it to sound very loud as the system does what it does best. im hoping that by the time i get to the factory its all bedded in and running on full blat!!! its basically a tubi style system on prozac its built like the tubi race systems so i know its going to be evil also!!

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The world's most famous Lotus gets even better!!

Your new exhaust looks bloody fantastic, mate. I'm very happy for you, how it just keeps getting better. I can tell how well you take care of the car, and I can't wait to see the Zonda-styled changes as well.

Keep up the great work. :thumbup:

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The new exhaust does look very good. Subtle as it doesn't shout, "Look at me!" The tailpipes are just the right length.

My only concern is that they are very close to the valance and will get hot on a run, discolouring the surrounding paint. Or are they double-skinned?

Would love to hear it when it is broke in. Don't forget You-Tube.

S4 Elan, Elan +2S, Federal-spec, World Championship Edition S2 Esprit #42, S1 Elise, Excel SE


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The new exhaust does look very good. Subtle as it doesn't shout, "Look at me!" The tailpipes are just the right length.

My only concern is that they are very close to the valance and will get hot on a run, discolouring the surrounding paint. Or are they double-skinned?

Would love to hear it when it is broke in. Don't forget You-Tube.

The pipes are double skinned with a 5mm gap between walls i believe.

Theres no burning or heat marks on the valance there is about -5mm gap all the way around, i will be increasing that by about -5mm so as to prevent knocks or marks to the pipes or valance.

as for breaking it in.. god knows how long that will take i have now done about 00 miles since it was fitted and it sounds like the old one, i guess a bit more oomph in the drives is needed to bed it in quicker.

no problem, will do a youtube when its ready.


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ooh forgot to add, when the car came off the ramps i took it upand down city road before going back to charlies i had to turn in to a side street and turn around, while turning a bloke and two women crossed over while i turned, the bloke said something, i didnt hear him, punky then said"did you hear what that guy said then?" nope.. what "he said thats my dream car there" at least i think thats what punky said to me, put a grin on my face anyway

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Looks great Si. Our cars a differest though. My battery box is dead in the way of the right side outlet. Also, my wastegate pipe connects to a cast piece that connects to the turbo. Could use a shop like that around here to work out my issues. Once again, good show! ;)



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right just got back from charlies again after pulling an all day session there. its bloomin dark here and the camera batteries are dead.

tomorrow i will get some pics and some blow your head off audio :welcome: oh my word... your not gonna belive it till you see and hear it!!! things are a little.. um lets say differnt, tubi'd up and dirty as hell. some polishing to do this week on the pipes but apart from that im in love :welcome:

Edited by bigsi
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I've recently gone the other way. (Quiet at the back!) I've had the aftermarket silencer removed and the stock item fitted.

I got the silencer in the factory sale but the DPO who fitted the noisy, raspy Bluestreak silence had welded the intermediate pipe to it. The exhaust shop (Newhall Muffler) had to wled a flange to the pipe to match the one on the silencer but, to get the tailpipes to line up with the cut out, the silencer had to be way over to the right. The guys fitting it asked if I was sure if it was the right one for the car and I had a moment's panic thinking back to the people who received different parts from what they wanted. But they got it to fit very well.

What has suprised me is the difference the silencer has had. The car sounds way better than it did. Much more grown up and less like a rice-rocket. But I expected that. What has suprised me is how much the engine tune has been affected. The car drives so much better with it. My car runs CD Stromberg carbs and they seem to be really affected by the change in back pressure.

What I'm saying is, I suppose, that the exhaust can have such an effect on how the car feels as well as sounds and it's definitely worth going to a speacialist, Like Bigsi did, rather than bolting on (or welding on) any old aftermarket part.

S4 Elan, Elan +2S, Federal-spec, World Championship Edition S2 Esprit #42, S1 Elise, Excel SE


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I just had my silencer removed on my U.S. car (straight pipe off of cat) and the exhaust noise is not very loud at all. I guess the cat is too successful in acting like a muffler. My only other option to get more sound is to either bore out the cat, replace it with a pipe, or replace with a high flow cat. Does anyone have experience with each set up?

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