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Clutch+Gas requirement?

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New owner here of a '83 Usa Turbo Esprit. PO had a shop service the clutch, I believe it's brand new. When taking off in first gear from park, you have to rev the gas as you release the clutch or the engine may/will stall. I'm curious if that is normal, since I'm used to that being a requirement for a worn clutch; on my Civic, if you slowly release the clutch pedal the car will happily start rolling forward in first gear without the gas engaged.

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Might just be the difference between fuel injection and  carbs/distributor, the tuning needs to be good at idle to allow the engine to pick up the extra load.  If you think about it, a steady idle is a balance between engine friction and engine torque when you're out of gear. Adding load without throttle upsets the balance. A modern engine has an idle air control valve and likely adds timing at low idle speed to bring up rpms up to spec as loads are added. 

Now if you're having to add a lot of gas to get going, maybe there are sticky brakes or clutch engagement is unpredictable?

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Hello friend,

This is an easy one to explain. Your Civic is designed to be a commuter appliance, a very agreeable one in my experience but not directly comparable to a sports car. The short overall gearing on the Honda in 1st makes pulling away easy but will not pull the car to near 40MPH as will the Esprit in 1st. The Turbo engine is very tractable for the sort of car the Esprit is.


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