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My Emira has arrived!


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Thanks for the update Heiner 👍 

I too was interested to hear your Emira vs Evora noise comparisons. I would have thought the exhaust noise might get quieter with age due to carbon build up but, then again, you won't be limited by revs so you will be giving it more right pedal.

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Have you found anything wrong with the car yet?

I couldn't find a single flaw in the car myself - except for the USB socket 😀

If it has an engine, I am there to thrash it.

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13 hours ago, hml_xy said:

@RamboThe car got quite a bit louder or myself a lot braver than on the first two days of ownership. 😅

Still somewhat respecting drive in guidelines and not flooring it to the max, but I had my first blast in it yesterday.

Went to the Ring, which was far too busy on the second to last weekend of the season. But the weather was actually so nice that it was no surprise. 
Hung out on a parking lot and catched up with some likedminded Lotus enthusiasts, while many people took pictures of the car.

Then mounted a GoPro and tried to capture all sorts of noises and tones of the Emira while semi-blasting (4000-ish rpm run in limit in mind!) around some b-roads of the Nürburgring area.

Here's the video - it has different mounting positions of the GoPro in it, all with windows closed and in Sport mode (exhaust open) besides at the cold start. That was with valves closed.

Hope it delivers some impressions and helps to stay excited about the Emira deliveries ☺️
It is definitely not a "quiet" car and far from boring sounding. What it has less is the in-cabin drone that the Evora had and I'm very sure that is an improvement.


Heiner - are you sure that was sub 4000 rpm? Sounded more like 5500/6000 rpm in 1st/2nd to my untrained Emira ear?

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9 hours ago, hml_xy said:

@RamboNot an english native speaker so hopefully I phrased it correctly 🙂 I said that I had the 4000rpm run-in limit in mind. Didn't say that stuck to it all the time. 😂 

Yes, you did phrase it correctly Heiner. And you have a British sense of humour 🤣

She sounded great by the way 👍

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