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Sidelight has gone dim

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I don't quite know what's going on here - hopefully somebody can point me in the right direction.

In the passenger's side sidelight, all the LEDs in the circle have gone dim, similar to what DRLs do when you switch on the main lights but the single one above, that projects out a bit to provide a degree of side-marker protection, is still at full brightness. One or two, I could understand as being individual LEDs on their way out, but all of them at once?

Ignore the lacquer/PPF peel - that's getting looked at soon-ish as the lights have to come out anyway to replace the bumper. Just wondering if I now need to be considering shoving in a couple of new circuit boards (might as well do both, but more expense I could really do without right now) from Lotus Silverstone as the only sure cure?


As you can see, the driver's side is fine. Ignore the collapsed headlight unit and the shocking even by Lotus standards :rolleyes: panel gap but that'll hopefully all be rectified eventually, when the police conclude their hit-and-run investigations.

I suppose I should just be grateful that I actually have a full set of LEDs working at all, :lol:.


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SWLC repaired some lights for @Markindevon they took it apart and re- soldered some joints. But they are a long way from Scotland. Assume Lotus Silverstone do similar?

Just added to your current concerns.

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@NAC63It's a possibility worth looking at I suppose, especially when everything is coming off anyway. It's on the opposite side to where the hit was, but everything in the front end has moved about a bit, for instance the passenger's door now catches on the edge of the clam but hopefully that's just a bit of movement in the mountings.

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