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Front lower valance removal (lower front bumper).

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Thanks Rod for the advice.

I do have a couple of questions. How many bolts hold the lower bumper on? The Parts manual shows three stud plates on each side (6 total) but it also shows four holes on each side in the lower bumper picture (8 total). I noticed two grommets in the upper side of the lower bumper near the oil cool ducts, but when I pulled the grommets off I only saw bolt head and not nuts so are these two of the fasteners (2 on each side) to remove the lower bumper or are they for something else? I reviewed the Lotus Build pictures on the lotus web site and saw only two stub plates on each side (studs hanging down from the upper bumper)


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Lotus use "welded nuts" rivetet on the plastic on many points. Thats typical and the reason why you can see only screw heads sometimes. But if the car is older i think it is not a "nice job". My treads where mostly heavily coroded. That means it needs also some rework of broken rivets.

If i remeber right,

you need 10mm socket (for 6mm tread screws), 8mm socket (5mm tread screws) and Phillips or other cross type srewdriver.

The most painfull work is if you refit the bumper after respraying. Mine would not fit corectly. Maybee it is typical for those "wabbleing" plastic parts, but the gabs look teribble and ugly... .

lower bumper has some srews each side visible after removal of lower oilcooler trai, and two mountings in each front/corner section (one screw behind rubber grommit, one nut behind/near fog light mount) and some for the front mesh

the oilcooler bottom trais need the 8mm sockets on mine and some crosshead screws in the wheelarea. All other points are "plastic pop ups"

[the srews and plates visible in front luggage compartment belong to the upper bumper, also the screws behind airconditioner dryer and windscreen wascher unit]

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